Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Storm

On Monday we had absolutely wicked storms come through, and even had a tornado watch in our county. On the farm we saw a cloud that looked like it could turn into a funnel...but in Strathmore, a tornado actually did form and I believe touched down but didn't do any major damage.
 That cloud is pointing at my house....
Scary cloud stay away from my house!!!
This cloud was so dark and moving so fast to the south of us, this was the second system that moved through.
A picture taken by a nurse I work with in Strathmore - scary!!
A picture taken by an EMT I work with in glad that didn't make it to the farm!
The first system that came through and the little bit of hail that it brought.
This is the second system that came through.
The wind was blowing so hard!

Unfortunately most of the crops are toast. This was an absolutely devastating storm!


  1. That is sooo awful, mother nature can be so rough. We had a really big storm at the lake as well and apparently we lost all our piers, stairs, and fishing boat.

  2. It's so sad to lose all the crops and all that work that was put into them with one storm :(

  3. These are excellent pictures of that funnel cloud. Did you mean that most of your crop was spoiled or crops in the area? What percentage is most? It is sicking news, all that investment in time, gas, fertilizer, & equipment and no pay cheque at the end. Is one able to buy insurance for this type of storm or is it only hail insurance one can buy –– I am sure at great expense.
    I am so sorry about the crops for everyone.


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