Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mystery of the Ornery Baby: Solved!

I'm truly not exaggerating, and I think anyone that is around Braden enough can attest to this, but he is not a fussy baby. Never has been. Until the weekend! Braden just had a long morning nap, I changed and fed him and packed him up and off to Ikea with Mom we went! Not even 1/2 hour into our trip he started getting kinda fussy and whiney. Didn't make sense to me...cuz usually he lasts 2 hours after a nap and feed no problem, but this was barely an hour after he woke up! So I took him out of his car seat and held him for awhile and that seemed to do the trick. Changed him and fed him way earlier than I normally would and he did eventually settle with a lot of persuasion! I did have the baby carrier with us so when we went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I thought he would enjoy that more....not so much! He wanted to be held and snuggled. Luckily he slept as good as he has been, but has just been ornery!

...then last night...

OUCH! I was letting him chew on my finger like he always does and low and behold - a tooth!! Finally! All that chewing, drooling, and sucking over the last almost 4 months has paid off! He's just started cutting it though, the tip is through the gums, but the rest hasn't appeared yet. Luckily he is still sleeping quite well, doesn't have trouble falling asleep...but is waking up 2 times per night, consistently. Oh well, at least now I know he is teething and I gotta cut the poor guy some slack. Baby we come!

Teething reminded me of this clip of Stewie from Family Guy...

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