Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Braden is 8 Months Old!

This month, I actually can believe that he is 8 months old. For some reason, September has just stood still! And it's not like we haven't been busy either. But, enough about us...how about Braden!

He doesn't look that different in his pictures:
Okay...so get this:

Weight: 17 lbs 10 oz (that's almost 2 POUNDS in a month! Yowzah!)
Length:  28"
Head: 45.5 cm

Here are some new Braden things:
  • He is finally sleeping in his own, big crib every night, every nap now because he FINALLY has a real room! He loves it!
  • Since I posted last...he has been STTN 12 hours every night! I still hear him fuss on the monitor once per night usually around 4ish, but he settles himself right away.
  • This last week he's started taking two 2 hour naps per day - which is HEAVEN, especially being in this new house having so much stuff to do...it really helps me out
  • Eating 3 meals a day plus one snack if I have time/effort to fit it in...it'll be easier once he can easily eat more table foods on his own, I'm sure he's getting sick of bread/toast (actually he's not!)
  • Eating some table food meals cut up. This is very new and so exciting. He ate a zucchini/pasta/cheese meal chopped up with us the other night and it was so handy
  • Eating small chunks of soft fruit like pears and mangoes and eats peas and corn not pureed.
  • Crawling backwards, but no sign of crawling or creeping forwards yet...though he desperately wants to
  • OBSESSED with remotes/cell phones/phones/lap tops...anything electronic
  • Loves his new kitty Zoey
  • Says "dada" and knows who he is, he said "mum" once, but just by accident :(
  • Babbles in whispers
  • Has found his "lil guy" and is also obsessed with that, such a man!
  • Just started using his convertible car seat yesterday which I was looking very forward to.
  • Teeth count remains at 2
  • He is in size 12 month sleepers and some onesies, but is mostly still in 9 month clothes and even some 6 month long-sleeve shirts that he's juuuuuust about outgrown! 
  • He LOVES water and does very well with a sippy cup all by himself and also can drink out of an open cup with some help
 I couldn't get a smile out of him, but he seemed to enjoy it!
    I will probably add more to that list, as well as the measurements above, later....so please check back. I owe a lot more blogs, but unfortunately there's been more important things to do!