Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Granite is Here!

It was actually here a week ago tomorrow! I am a BAD blogger....this I know. Just been too busy and too tired to care! I was very depressed last Monday, because I was under the impression that we were getting all of our counter tops, but only the granite (and not even all of that) showed up, not the laminate for the other bathrooms. And apparently this was my fault. No one in that company talks to one another, we specifically chose all of the sinks we wanted, the profiles for the counter tops...but no one seemed to write it down or tell the next person. Sheesh. Whatever...they look amazing and here's the pictures:

And Jay and Gerry also worked hard last week to get the railing around the deck, I love it because now we have a little prison that's safe for the kids!
If all the counter tops had been installed like we were told they were going to be, then we probably could have moved in this weekend...hopefully next weekend we will be able to. BUT, technically we can't officially move in until the final inspection...and this has to be done first:
  • Manholes for the attic completed
  • Basement wired for electric so it can be...
  • Insulated & vapor barrier-ed
  • Front porch railing & steps
The non-inspection stuff that needs to be done are:
  • Closet organizers (custom made by Mark) painted and installed
  • Closet doors installed (made, just need to be hung)
  • Door handles installed
  • The rest of the plumbing hooked up
  • Our shower needs a custom glass door installed
  • Moving the rest of our stuff over
  • Mirrors hung
  • Blinds installed
  • Filling in ALL the nail holes, sanding, priming and painting the finishing stuff
  • Cleaning, cleaning, more cleaning...and did I mention CLEANING!??!
But a lot of the last half of the list can be done, and will be done, while we're living there. I've been told by the end of the week we'll have our laminate, but I'll call tomorrow and check up on them, as I've had to do so many times already.

I am so sick of having all these trades in our house, I want them all gone. They make such a mess. Of all the people that have been in our house only about 4 of them have actually cleaning up their stuff. Our electrician, a neighbor of ours and one of Craig's best friends....has probably been one of the messiest of them all. He drilled holes in the framing, never cleaned up the saw dust and wood chips, ripped out insulation and never replaced it. What a mess. Just finish your job and get outta my house!!!

That is all!

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  1. It looks beautiful!! All of this stress is paying off. Just take a breath. You'll get there!!!! And look how amazing it is!!! It's worth all the crazy!


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