Friday, October 8, 2010

Beautiful Fall!

Oh I love the fall! It's harvest time, the weather is less hot (well, not this year), the colors are just BEAUTIFUL, and there's usually just such a nice, crisp feeling and smell in the air. As I stated before, this year has been different! We really kinda just got rolling with harvest again 2 days ago...when last year we were 100% done on October 1st! So anyways, I thought I'd better take some pictures of Braden in the leaves before they all fell off the trees and blew away...and I'm glad I did because as of today, that's exactly what's happened.
For some reason, I CANNOT get this boy to smile outside. He looks so scared, but he wasn't!
He did have fun exploring the leaves! He even snuck one into the vehicle when we were about to leave.
This is my favorite one! If he wouldn't smile....this is the next best thing!
Hey look who we found to take some pictures!
Tell me what you REALLY think about having your picture taken against your will, Kihei!
Then later that day, we finally saw this below the house!
Jay combining the wheat below our house.
And here's a video for ya:

Actually, that was a very busy day! This was also happening at the farm...very bittersweet!
They finally came and started really dismantling the elevator to help build the new addition to the mercantile in Rosebud.