Monday, October 11, 2010

Braden's First Swimming Lesson!

So we had a SUPER busy weekend. It was Thanksgiving, Mom was here, I hosted my first holiday meal...but more on that later. I was so excited for Saturday, I literally couldn't sleep! Well, I did...but I went to bed at midnight, which is very rare for me these days! It was Braden's first swimming lesson. It was perfect because he woke up from his morning nap at 10:30, which BARELY gave us enough time to get to the pool. There were 4 other babies/kids in his class and they all did so well, only one little girl had to leave cuz she was crying. I would say that Braden neither liked, nor hated it. He really does love water, just love his bath and splashes and kicks like crazy! I think the more we go, the more he will like it.

So here's a little video of Braden's first submersion...the instructor assured me that babies will instinctively hold their breath when they are submerged under water, and he did and he did so great - didn't even whimper!!

And here's just another little video of Braden "swimming"!

Here's a couple of pictures that Mom took, they aren't the best because apparently you're not allowed to use flash! Oh well, you get the idea!
I'll let you know how lesson #2 goes!