Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Halloween Preview!

Well, I took Braden out for his Halloween photoshoot last week and have been holding off as long as I can before Halloween before showing them to you! I'm really happy with how they turned out, even though Braden is still the boy who won't smile outside - or not much anyway. He's very happy, or at least content, outside but not his usual smiley self. So, it's probably no big surprise, but I decided to dress Braden as a giraffe for his first Halloween!
The last picture is about the only one where he smiled :) I'm really glad I did this last week, because it really feels like winter out there now!! Then we got together with Robyn and Stephanie and the kids and we had a mini-Halloween party.

Tessa has been crawling for at least 1.5 months, she's full of spunk like her mom, and then all of a sudden - she STANDS UP ON HER OWN! So crazy, she just needed to rest for a bit on Braden's head!
Playing so nice together!


  1. Those pics turned out amazing! I need to take some photoshop classes from you. I totally suck. :) Love the costume!

  2. He is SO adorable in this giraffe costume!


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