Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oh Tooth #3...Where Are You?!?

So tooth #2 made it's appearance on his 7 month birthday, and 9 months is around the corner. He had a couple week break from the teething symptoms but for the last 1.5 months almost, he's been having ALL the symptoms non-stop! Which brings the question - WHERE ARE YOU, TOOTH #3?!? Hehe! He has been a river of drool, mind you it seems to be worse in the morning now, he has been chewing and sucking and putting everything he can into his mouth, he's even gotten the rosey red cheeks with a bit of a rash that comes and goes, he has days/moments when he's fussy and irritable for him and nothing seems to satisfy him. The sleeping is still good, thank God! But I see absolutely no sign of any more teeth on the horizon on the top or bottom.

Well, just had to blog/complain about that quickly!