Monday, October 18, 2010

Braden's First Harvest

So after our first SNOWFALL of this "winter" we got rolling again with harvest again yesterday. This is a picture I took on Friday on our way into Strathmore when we were supposed to be going to the pumpkin patch, but clearly it got cancelled...
So luckily the canola was dry enough to combine yesterday and I finally got Braden out for his first combine ride with Jay.
He was absolutely fascinated with the combine...everything about it! He'd look forward and see the canola swaths being fed into the combine, he reeeeeeally wanted the controller (to him it was just a big remote control), he tried to eat the steering wheel, he'd look outside and watch the tires go around, he'd see the speakers from the stereo and stare at those, see the shadows outside - so much fun!
On the go...

And the big bad shih tzu Teebo was barking at Jay driving the combine:
And it was also Brenda/Grandma's birthday yesterday! So happy birthday to you! The whole family got together and had a wonderful supper that she made. Here she is with all the grandkids, except for Trinity, because she was napping!