Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So so so so soooooooooo HAPPY!!!

Can you tell that I'm just over-the-moon happy right now!? Mom was here for the weekend - our first overnight guest (of course!) - and she was looking around and as I was doing a load of laundry she said, "you must just be in heaven!" And that's exactly how I feel. I'm just so elated. Not that we were suffering, by any means, being in the old farm house. I do realize there's people living on the streets and in the slums and that I should be very thankful to be so blessed to even just have a roof over my head...but for me, in my life, and in my situation - I am just so happy! It's so nice, such a treat, to be able to do a load of laundry on the same level that we're living in, and not to have to go to the scary basement with a dirt floor to do my laundry anymore. I have not washed a SINGLE dish since I moved here. EVERYTHING has gone in the dishwasher...I figure that's why it has a "pots and pans" setting! :) I have cooked many meals, had the in-laws over for supper a few times, and we are just loving and loving our kitchen more and more. It's great for cooking/cleaning and entertaining at the same time. There's a home for everything, plus space left over. It is super easy to clean, the granite that we picked...we can't tell if it's messy or clean because everything just blends in (this is a good thing and a bad thing...but I'm leaning towards good!). I thought I had this kitchen all organized and was so proud of myself...but I realized that I organized the stuff I needed, and kinda just "hid" the rest, so Mom organized and cleaned my kitchen for me and it's AWESOME now! We also tackled the mudroom/laundry room and everything has a home now and it's not all cluttered anymore. Our bedroom is another story. My biggest problem right now is trying to decide what pictures I want to put up and where...so against our bedroom wall is most of my picture frames waiting for their new homes. Oh well, at least the common areas are more than acceptable!

Another reason for my great happiness are my boys. I take it for granted so much and I really have to stop doing that. It feels like Jay and I haven't had any quality time together since Braden was born, and honestly we had the perfect "date" right in our own house last night. Jay even said that himself. Braden was fast asleep by 7:15 PM...we cleaned up the kitchen after a spaghetti supper together, Jay set up the laptop in our bedroom to hook it up to the TV so we could catch up on some shows we missed that our PVR didn't tape...Jay got us some bowls of ice cream and we snuggled up in our new king sized bed with a lot of fluffy pillows and relaxed and had a lot of laughs watching Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory.

And then...Braden continued to sleep 13 STRAIGHT HOURS last night! Not even a peep out of him. I'm just shocked and so very, very thankful, especially since he's had a bit of a cold for over a week now. I could've sworn that he was going to get his top teeth, especially because of all the drool too...but nothing yet. Now if I could only learn to sleep through the night :) I will try to take some pictures of how we are setting up the house, now that it's mostly organized! But for now, here's my latest Braden photoshoot of some jammies I picked up from Walmart for him. The little dinosaur:
Oh! I also wanted to mention, that I am SUPER excited that I got Braden into swimming lessons starting this Saturday! We go for 8 Saturdays for 1/2 hour lessons and I am just too excited because I know he'll love it! He loved it at 4 months old when we took him into the lake for the first time and when we went to the pool for Luke's 2nd birthday party, so I'm sure he'll love it even more now.