Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nap Buddies

For any of you who know Miles, or know enough about him, you know that he is literally a scaredy cat when it comes to babies and kids. I thought for sure when we had Braden that Miles would hide for weeks! But slowly he has gotten more friendly to Braden and even comes and sits on my lap sometimes when I'm nursing Braden. Well, I was very shocked to find that Miles had hopped into Braden's crib the other afternoon when I went to go and put Braden down for a nap. I shooed him out of there and as I was nursing Braden in his room, Miles hopped back in the crib. I didn't think anything of it cuz I figured as soon as I put Braden down for his nap Braden would scare Miles out of there, and he did. About an hour later Braden woke up...which is odd because he usually has two hour long naps. So I go in there, and this is what I find:
 Miles had clearly jumped into Braden's crib again and woken him up! I figured this was a one time thing and Miles probably just didn't remember that Braden was in the crib. But then this was yesterday...
As you can see, Braden was just elated...he didn't care at all! This time, Miles was in the crib already, so I sat Braden right up next to Miles, Braden "petted" him, and by that I mean pulled on his hair, and even that wasn't enough to deter Miles. Miles had this look in his eyes that said "if I don't move or make a sound...then they won't see me". So, I knew that Miles wouldn't hurt Braden or get too close to smother him or anything...and at the end of his nap, Miles was still there....looking like that! Unbelievable! I don't want to make a habit of this, I'll be able to keep Miles, the door opening cat, out of his room when we get our door handles installed.