Monday, November 22, 2010

A Day With Braden

Well, all of my days are with Braden (of course) but I thought I'd do a bit of a picture documentation of part of  a day for you all!

First we start off with lunch. He shared a pita pizza with me which he LOVES! He's to the point now where I can cut it up in little chunks and he can chew it all on his own - no more minced diet. He stuffs his cheeks like a chipmunk:
Mmmm....that's good stuff! (I guess I didn't get that last goldfish on my bib!)
After lunch/snack we were playing around and doing one of our favorite things...standing! (With help from Daddy!)
 I had the most ADORABLE picture lined up. He crawled up to the TV, sat on his bum and was watching the hockey game with Jay like a true little Canuck...but then he saw me...
And he had to come get the CAMERA!
Then he had one of his not-so-great naps (he had a rough day for him on Sunday!) but he was still very cute waking up and playing peek-a-boo with me!
And then it was time for a good Jolly Jump!
Love this picture!
And got an action shot (even though it's hard to tell!)
Kihei was hanging out with us on the couch:
And then Daddy took Braden over to see his very first Christmas tree!
Tried to take a pic of him sitting under the tree...
But he just wanted to crawl away...
Miles was in the great room, sleeping in his favorite spot on top of the leather chair:
Then we had some cuddles with Daddy and were off to bed...

Braden has been sleeping a LOT the last 2 nights. Over 13 hours each night! He does fuss a bit at times but always ends up settling himself and going back to sleep. I don't know if it's a growth spurt or if he's trying to cut tooth #3 finally or what! I guess only time will tell! :)