Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Scary Santa?

Well, Laura, Joy, and I braved the extreme cold (-22 NOT including the wind chill!) to go and take the kids for Santa pictures. It took a lot longer to get there because of the road conditions, We got there at about 1:25 and Santa was going on a break at 2. Braden needed a diaper change and to EAT...but I decided we better just get the pictures done because Santa would be gone if we did all that first. BIG MISTAKE! I'm looking at this as a memory and I still think Braden's pictures are adorable! I need to scan these to get better quality, but I just took a picture of the picture so you could get an idea. Braden does NOT like Santa! :)

This was his "I'm scared/shocked what's going on and who is this guy with the big fake beard whose lap I'm sitting on?!" look! Then he burst into tears, which is a very rare thing for my little guy! We decided to pitch in and get a picture with all 3 of the kids and this is what happened (pardon the crappy quality, it's just from my phone, will scan a better pic later!):
I've had a few people ask me if I'll take him again to get a better pic...and the answer is no! :) I love these pics, it's such a great memory!! As happy of a baby Braden is, he's never liked having his picture taken...only by me it seems. I highly doubt he'll be very cooperative for his 1 year pictures, he sure wasn't for his 6 month. All for the fun of it! :)