Friday, November 12, 2010

Jay's Afternoon as Mr. Mom

I've been wanting Jay to do some "trial days" having Braden all on his own, so it won't be such a shock to both of them when I start going back to work. I FINALLY got my hair colored and cut today and spent a "whopping" 3 hours away from the boys. I left Jay with some last minute tips and off I went. I texted Jay when my color was done and asked how it was going and he said "fine, how's the hair going?" haha, so calm and cool! Then as I'm driving up our road, I hear my BB beep and it's a text from Jay saying "Braden's still sleeping". It was 4 and Braden usually gets up from his nap at 3:30 so I thought - great! I got in and asked Jay how it went and he said it was totally fine and he went down for his nap at 2! Braden rarely has a 2 hour nap anymore, nevermind more than 2 hours - good job, Daddy -you're hired!! :)

I knew he'd do fine and I knew Braden would do fine too, he REALLY loves his "dada". I'm so lucky not to need childcare and that Jay can always look after Braden when I work. BUT I do want to start looking for a sitter so we can both leave him for dates and stuff. Yay Schultz Boys!!