Thursday, November 11, 2010

Transforming from Baby to Boy

It seems that my little baby is transforming right before my eyes into a little boy! Jay pointed out when we were visiting Huskas last week, than an 18.5ish lb Braden looked like a little boy, not a baby anymore, compared to a 9ish lb Sophia! He's looking more "mature" and grown up everyday...even with his mannerisms and personality. Just take a look at these pictures I took this afternoon of Braden eating his first cookie...

I don't know if it's the look in his eyes, the Star Wars shirt, or what...but he doesn't look like a baby anymore, to me! He was sitting on the island countertop with Laura's supervision, flipped over on his tummy and creeped forward to steal Luke's uneaten cookie! I didn't let him have any chocolate chips, but I figured a little piece of fresh cookie couldn't hurt too much! :)

He is getting really, really close to full on crawling! I'm so excited for him! (I know a bunch of you are saying "yeah, yeah sure you are! Just you wait, you'll be wishing he wasn't mobile!) He is doing a "caterpillar" crawl right now, as Jay would say it. He gets on his hands and his tippy toes in a "^" kind of shape, then flattens out, manages to move forward a bit, and does it all over again. Today he started creeping forward on the hardwood. Using his hands to move forward as he slides his body forward on the hardwood. He can also go from his tummy to sitting position now, and walk with his new walker if we hold onto his hands. He's getting very strong

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  1. Joy has taught him well! He's a true Cookie Monster!!


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