Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Little Something' to Laugh Aboot, Eh!!

This blog is all in good spirits, and you all should know me well enough by now, to realize that! :) My dear friend Marie, who I've mentioned more than once, sent me an email last night that had me literally laughing out loud this morning. Her comment to me was: "OH! I've been meaning to ask you. I know you watch Ellen too. There was a woman from Edmonton (I THINK that's where it was) who was one of her game contestants. I was like, OMG!!!! I wonder if Sarah knows her!!!!???? Did you?" This just brought me back to the old Molson Canadian commercials where Americans are making fun of Canadians, and one of the commercials even had a "Hey, do you know Bob from Toronto?" (which I can't find), but here's the "anthem" of when I was in university...they used to play this at the bar, and that's TOTALLY what it reminded me of.

I hope my American friends can look at this and laugh and smile, absolutely love ya and had to share!!


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