Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We're Still Here!

Oh it has been too long. I have been a lazy blogger. I admit it! I've been trying to spend my online time (which really hasn't been that much lately) on getting some Christmas presents organized! I needed to get them put together and ordered so they'd be here on time. We're celebrating Schultz Christmas the first weekend of December in hopes of celebrating it before Joy's twins arrive. She is 30 1/2 weeks pregnant and is doing very well. She's had some pretty intense contractions, but no other signs of labour, no dilating or anything like that - phew! We're praying for her that she can hold on as long as she can, the boys are doing very well at over 3lbs each via ultrasound measurement.

We went to Beaumont for a visit this weekend and it was really nice to visit with Huskas again and to see Sophia. I haven't seen her since she was 1 week old and Jay hadn't met her yet. Braden is getting sooooo close to crawling! Here's some videos to show his progress:

This was 2 weeks ago:

Getting a bit distracted:

A week and a half ago, he sure can get around though!

And finally making some progress this morning! This last weekend he's started making teeny motions forward, and does get where he wants...just in a roundabout way! He's getting so close:

Much more to blog about, hope to do another post tonight!