Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Sad, Unexpected Loss...

It is with extreme devastation, sadness, sorrow, grief, loss, (I could go on and on with similar adjectives all day), that I have to say that Zoey passed away last night. I've been a big ball of tears since Jay found her last night and I'm still crying as I type this. We didn't even have Zoey in our family for 2 months, yet she was just this piece of the puzzle that fit perfectly into our family. She was so kind and had such a quirky personality, she was wonderful with Braden and the other kids and even was great friends with Kihei. I, particularly, had bonded with her so much as I am home most days with her. She followed me wherever I went, if she was here right now she'd be curled up in my lap as I type this at the kitchen island. She never left my side when I was sick last week, she slept with me every night, and somehow she new when it was close to time to get up in the morning because she would curl up by my head and instantly purr. She'd then follow me into Braden's room to get him up every morning and his face would just light up like a Christmas tree at the sight of her.

What ended up happening was I accidentally left the patio door open, with the screen on. BUT there is a hole in the bottom corner of the screen door which we know is there and also know that Zoey can get through. Normally it wouldn't matter if Zoey was out on the deck, we let her do that often...but we never let her outside for fear of hawks and other animals that could possibly get her. Well, yesterday for the first time, she followed Miles off the deck...there is a spot close to the garage where it's about a 5 or 6 foot drop. She cried and meowed before I left for the farm to let me know she was down there, I rescued her and brought her into the house...but forgot to close the patio door when I left. :( I was so busy cooking supper last night, that it didn't even really dawn on me that she hadn't come to say hi yet. Then after supper, my stomach sank, and I just had a feeling something was wrong. Jay went outside and found her out by the garage.

I feel very guilty about what happened and I just feel like she didn't deserve to die. She was such a wonderful kitty and even though she was only with us for not even 2 months, I will remember her forever and always miss her. I have to try and move on now, we don't have any plans for another kitty anytime soon. I just can't believe how sad I am. I'll miss you so much, Zoey...I'm so so sorry, I love you.

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  1. Aww Sarah I am sorry to hear about your loss!


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