Friday, December 10, 2010

Braden's First Schultz Christmas

We celebrated Christmas with the Schultz gang last Saturday December 4th here at our house. I can't believe I'm finally just getting around to posting now! There's been just too much excitement with the twins and Braden and I haven't been feeling very good all week. But anyway... it was so much fun! It was a very busy, very loud at times household, but all the girls pitched in with food and drink and it went wonderfully. Enough chitter chatter, I know you wanna see the pics! ;)
Brenda's picture of the beautiful frost the morning we celebrated Christmas

Had to entertain Luke & Danika so Jay took them and the dog our for a sled ride. (Jay did most of the work!)
Trinity and Papa
Auntie Deah & Braden
Craig the turkey carver
Ella playing with Trinity
This is about the only moment all 4 older kids sat at the table and had a bite!
Braden's first Christmas dinner. He ate turkey, sweet potatoes (fave), dressing, and a bun all by himself!
Gotta walk off that big meal!
I've learned that the best pictures aren't the "perfect" ones. Case in point!
Clark Family
Schultz Family. (Braden up for 4 hrs + and in DESPERATE need of his nap!)
 Then we started opening presents!
Braden's first Christmas present. A Glow Seahorse from Mommy & Daddy
Playing with his new toy from Grandma & Papa
Husky absolutely worn out from a busy day and a LOT of  food. She was an angel and very well behaved!
When Braden woke up from his nap he was OUT of it!
And then I had some fun editing pictures with Picnik:
The four older grandkids
Clark sisters