Sunday, December 12, 2010

Not All Firsts are Worth Celebrating...

If any of you have been talking to me this week or following my status updates on Facebook, you know Braden hasn't been feeling well. It all started last Sunday when he got his first fever 38.2 degrees. Nothing too out of the ordinary otherwise, but this time I could see that darn top left tooth - tooth #3. He was having a helluva time cutting that darn thing and the few times he let me see/feel it I could tell how painful it must be for him. I'm sure glad we don't remember our teething experiences, it seems like torture. On Sunday night he was super, super cuddly and snuggly, which is not normal for him. We definitely liked that part, as usually he's too busy to do that now...but we knew something was wrong. This continued on through Wednesday and his fever was worst right before I went out for my first solo evening sans the boys. He was 38.9 degrees, but you'd never really know to look at him. Jay said he was in bed by 6PM! He would sleep 14 hours that night and the next night. He fussed a bit but he settled himself back down right away.That is one blessing for all of us with Braden being sick this week - he's a sleeper. He sleeps about 18 hours a day when he's sick - at least. 13-14 hours at night with 4-5 hours of naps a day. Plus he's had sinus congestion (I'm diagnosing) as in the mornings he wakes up with thick yucky "stuff" in/out/around his nose. Poor guy, I don't know how he breaths. That has been getting less and less each day.

Here's some pics of our poor boy. This was last Sunday when he had a 3.5 hour afternoon nap. He tried to "get up" about 1.5 hours into his nap and ended up finishing his nap like this:
And whoever said that bumper pads in cribs are a big no-no...I beg to differ!
And here is that same night (the first night, 1 week ago) snuggles with Jay:
He was sooooo out of it! :(
I found that in the morning after a good night's sleep he would be quite cuddly and nurse extra-long, but then after a dose of Advil - magic! I had my happy boy back, all day...until after his 2nd nap. Then he would be fussy and whiney and could barely stay up an hour before he had to go back down to sleep. Here's a couple of pics of a good afternoon we had this week. I put him down for a nap, but he just played in his crib for 45 mins and this is what I saw when I went in:
Standing up again! So proud of himself.
So he didn't wanna nap yet, so I got him up and we played in his room. This is his new favorite activity in his room, opening the doors of his closet, standing by the bottom shelf and playing with the music toys
Here's the video of him "dancing" to the Winnie the Pooh song:

And then he turned into this:
That is just so his "not himself" look. Time for a real nap this time.

Anyways, so here we are a week later and this morning he woke up early for what we're used to, 6:45. And he would NOT settle no matter what either of us did. Jay thought it was like he was in pain and just didn't know what to do to settle himself. So after hmmm'ing and hawww'ing I texted the ER doc to ask if I could pop in so he could take a quick peek at Braden's ears. He said absolutely, so I did and sure enough - first ear infections, both sides. Poor guy! The only true symptoms he had started last night when he wouldn't let me take his temperature in his ears - he cried and kept turning his head and the same this morning. So he's on his first antibiotics right now for 10 days. He hasn't had a fever since Thursday, and it was low-grade at that. I've kept giving him Advil and Tylenol too. He's had 2 doses of antibiotics today and he was finally normal again tonight. His appetite has been very poor this whole week, especially for supper, but  he finally ate a full meal and played after supper. Hopefully this is the end of this sick time for Braden and these ear infections will clear up soon. I really pray that he doesn't have constant ear infections throughout his life, they are really hard on kids and such a pain to deal with!


  1. Hey Sarah.
    Sounds like it's been a bit of a rough week! Norah had her 1st ear infection in November (hopefully the 1st and the last!). It was preceded by fevers (38.2 - 39.2) for about 3.5 days, lack of appetite and bad sleeping. We thought the ear infection explained it all and on day 3 of antibiotics (en route to Palm Desert) out popped the baby measles. Good times! I feel your pain, and Norah feels Braden's. Good luck with the antibiotics, hope they do the trick!
    Merry Merry!!

  2. Oh poor Norah!!! And you...and Tom...and Marin! Baby measles! That sounds awful. Hope you have a happy and healthy Christmas together now! Cheers to you all.

  3. Poor guy!!! That's so sad! I'm SO GLAD he's feeling better. Thank God for antibiotics!!!!!!!


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