Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Life With 2 Kids

Well, I got a teensie taste of what it would be like to have 2 kids today...and I think I'll definitely wait awhile until we make Braden a big brother! :) We had Luke overnight the other night and for the day, and he was so good. He's a great kid...and so is Braden...and even though they were both great - they are BUSY BOYS!!! They are almost exactly 19 months apart, same age difference as Serena and Ella. That would be like if I got pregnant right thank you! :) Anywho, here's some pictures of our day...

My new favorite picture of him!

They're starting to play together!
Cousin cuddles!
And then Lukey went home and he was still a busy boy in the evening! He still loves Miles!
And here's a video of what Braden does when he sees Miles. Miles is like a celebrity to Braden. Then we had to chase Miles and eventually got so excited when he saw the camera! Oh, and there's some real crawling in there too!