Sunday, November 28, 2010

Braden is 10 Months Old!

I think time is starting to slow down a wee bit for us. It's not so much "flying" anymore. I'm actually coming to terms that my baby will be a year old in 2 months. I am still absolutely loving this age for him, he's still not quite getting into trouble so I'm thankful for that right now! Here's his new picture!
This month he would hardly sit still for his picture! He's still a super happy baby, but he's tolerating the camera less and less now he just wants to GO!....or come and chase the camera and gets upset when I won't let him have it!

Weight: 19 lbs 4 oz
Length: 28.5" (I think!?! the boy won't stay still and I had no help!)
Head: 46 cm

So here's what Braden is up to at 10 months...
  • CRAWLING! First "real" crawling on hands and knees yesterday, actually!
  • Has been army crawling/frog hopping (he is on his hands and knees and kinda hops!) for 2 weeks now and I can't believe how FAST he's gotten!.
  • He can fluidly transition from sitting to crawling to rolling back to name it!
  • He has the ability to pull himself up, but has not much interest in it still
  • Loves, and prefers, to feed himself. We cut up his food into small chunks now and he doesn't need a minced diet anymore, it's sooooo nice!
  • Favorite fruit: bananas
  • Favorite snack: yogurt
  • Still no new teeth, the symptoms come and go
  • Has been drinking whole milk for the last 4 weeks in the morning with breakfast. Started him out at 1 oz then bumped him up to 3 oz, now I let him have about 6 oz and he absolutely loves it.
  • Nursing 2-3 times a day. In the morning, sometimes after his morning nap, and at bedtime.
  • His Auntie Joy turned him into a genuine Cookie Monster
  • Things that make him squeal with excitement: Miles (we are definitely getting him another kitty by his 1st birthday!), cookies, Curious George!
  • He loves and with all of his might tries to get: the remote, our BlackBerries, the laptop, Xbox controller, and most recently running water out of a tap (he absolutely went wild over the waterfall at Bass Pro Shop!)
  • He is very keen on walking. He took his first steps on his own with the push walker this last week and Jay helps him walk, and even run, and he LOOOOOVES it.
  • I just recently retired the excersaucer and the play mat - less baby stuff cluttering woohoo! Now we have the walker, play table and new 'illegal' walker borrowed from Auntie Joy and some music toys and his tractor which he loves to play with and spin the wheels
  • Said his FIRST WORD which was "banana" and he's said it once more since then.
  • Starting to make 't' sounds. When he gets excited and sees Miles, I say "kitty! kitty!" with emphasis on the 't' and he's starting to do that when he sees Miles now.
  • Met Santa for the first time and made strange for the first time! :)
  • Instead of clapping one hand on top of the other, he's now clapping right palm to top of left hand, kind of like hitting his hand but still so cute!
  • He did "so big" once, but I think it was a fluke, we're still working on that
  • Still sleeping through the night a solid 12-13 hours a night - thank you Lord! Haven't had to do a late morning night feed all month! If he fusses early in the morning around 5, I go in turn on his mobile and he settles himself.
  • His new thing is crawling out from under his covers and going to the foot of his crib to snuggle with his stuffed animals - awwww!
  • Bedtime is 7 wake time is between 7-8
  • Napping is sporadic. 95% of the time he takes 2 naps a day, usually 1.25-1.5 hrs each...the odd day he'll have a 2 hr+ nap. That other 5% he's just having an off day and needs a really late evening cat nap to get him through to bed time.
  • Had his 2nd haircut and his hair is getting nice and even and coming in thicker!
I am so excited for Braden's first Christmas and the wheels are turning in my head planning for his first birthday party!

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  1. He is getting SO big!!! He is just adorable. Have a great day!

    We just had Levi's post 2 month check (about 11 weeks) and he is 12 lbs. 15 oz. and 24 inches long!!! Big boy :)


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