Saturday, January 29, 2011

Braden is 1!!!

Wow! Our baby boy, who is technically a TODDLER now, is 1 year old! We had a wonderful day with him yesterday and I went right from when I got up at 7AM until we went to bed at 10:30. Just decorating, baking, cooking, cleaning I didn't stop. But here is his new giraffe picture:

Weight: 21 lbs 3 oz
Length: 29.5"

So new Braden stuff this last month include...
  • crawling faster and faster, no interest at all in walking on his we are enjoying that while it lasts! :)
  • signing very consistently "done" when done with food, playing, and apparently stories (more on that later!)
  • plays "so big"
  • shakes his head "no" and knows what it means - very cute!
  • says "night night" and waves, sometimes says "night night Dada" to Jay
  • he waves when he is done with anything, wants people to go away, or wants to nap - also very cute!
  • can sing with us "la la la, na na na, ba ba ba" sounds and is good at repeating!
  • very good at steering his push walker and can get around anywhere with it now
  • drinking from a straw 
  • says "Daddy"
  • uses anything as a walker - chairs, name it!
  • still loves to eat, but definitely not a bottomless pit like he used to be!
  • he gets eczema on his legs if he eats eggs too many days in a row, so we only do that once in awhile now.
  • likes to go on sled rides
  • still really loves animals
  • has a new bedtime routine: nurses (if I'm home), reads a story, and goes to bed
  • he is VERY attached to his soft, minkee giraffe blankie from Marie & Olivia
  • still taking 2 solid naps a day, no sign of cutting that down to 1 nap anytime soon
  • sleeps usually 12-13 hours a night
I was too weary to post on Braden's actual birthday yesterday, but I have more stuff to blog about, hopefully later today after his party!


  1. Sorry we didn't stay longer for his party. he was falling apart at the seams and i didn't want his crying to ruin the party lol. and he had a hair cut at 2:30

  2. That's okay, Laura! I'm glad you guys made it at was looking pretty bleak for awhile there. We have an extra cupcake for Lukey and he can come claim it anytime! ;)


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