Friday, January 28, 2011

Braden's Cake Smash!

I've been wanting to take these pictures ever since I saw some cake smash pictures while browsing through Flickr one day! I took them yesterday and here they are:
A very simple cake I made (ordered the fondant topper off Etsy, I will make my own next time! :) because it's just going to be destroyed anyway!
We thought he would be ALL over the cake...but he really had no idea what to do!
So he's going to try a little piece...
It didn't take long before he shoved a whole piece in his mouth!
Then we called in the clean-up crew...
We just finished Braden's 1 year photoshoot, with the lady that's down my maternity, newborn, and 6 month pictures...and I gotta say, from now on...I'm just doing my own! He responds to me much, much better and it's free! Next time, I'll probably just hire Sarah Clark, an EMT that I work with who is an AWESOME photographer to do our next newborn pics and if I ever want a family session done many years down the road!