Monday, January 31, 2011

Braden's Birthday Party!

It was looking VERY bleak at the beginning of the day. Laura texted me on her way from the city and said they were going to be late due to road conditions and that she thought Joy wasn't going to be able to make it because she had no help to get all 3 kids ready to come. I was really praying that Joy would be able to make it, as she hasn't gotten out of the house much and I knew that she would have a lot of fun and a lot of help if she made it here. Then 1/2 hour before the party was going to start...I got a text message from Mark saying "sorry but they can't make it". WHAT? There's just going to be us, my parents, and Nelsons for Braden's birthday? I had the whole table set for all of us and I was just moments away from tears... But then Jay called Deah and she ended up bringing the girls while Mark stayed home, and Joy surprised us by showing up. It meant so so SO much to me that everyone made the effort to come, the roads weren't the best and there was a lot of fresh snow, but it made the day so special for all of us. So here are some of the decorations:
Blue, green, and white balloons with green ribbons hanging from the light and streamers and balloons all around the dining room. I thought it looked pretty great!
I know how much kids, in particular my nieces and nephew, loooooove balloons, so in order to hopefully avoid a conflict I blew up a balloon for each of them, tied a ribbon around the bottom and wrote their names on it. It actually worked really well and they had lots of fun!
I made these cupcakes, but then bought the fondant toppers from Clineffs Confections off of Etsy. I was thinking that making fondant would be no problem, so I tried it myself, just to cover the board for Braden's cake. So I made a marshmallow fondant and it was easy, but a pain in the butt all at the same time!
So this is the cake I made for Braden with my cake decorating supplies I got for Christmas. I think it turned out great!
Then the guests started to arrive!
Braden suddenly remembered the retired excersaucer that Trinity was playing in and thought he should play too...and then crawl right under it!
Luke had fun on Braden's dog rocker...
And then shared a ride with Braden!

Laura with Chaz and Deah with Trinity:
Auntie Laura and Auntie Joy were trying to trick Braden into walking on his own by bribing him with Chaz....but he's just not ready to take his first steps yet so they couldn't fool him!
The birthday boy is ready for his cake now!
Braden was VERY mellow about all this cake business...
I was a VERY proud mama!
I also thought the older cousins would appreciate their own cupcake and candle...
Instead of a piece of cake, I made a smaller cupcake with a giraffe topper for Braden to eat on his own:
Yum yum!

He really didn't seem terrrrribly interested at first, but the next time I looked over at him, all there was was crumbs! And he had to wash it down with some cold milk, mmmm!!
Braden was OUT of it by this time, it was pushing it to nap time...but he had to say goodbye to Grampa before he left.
Jay tried to put Braden down for a nap, but he was too hopped up to settle, so Jay took him outside for his first GT ride down our hill! (Jealous, Steve Huska?? :)

He seemed to have fun!
Mom enjoyed snuggling a twin (or both) most of yesterday!
Chaz & Nolan are 8 weeks old now!
But she did manage some snuggles with Braden too!
Then we opened his presents (which he was not into at all!)

All in all, it was a wonderful day, a wonderful party shared with our families!
Unfortunately we had a mishap with the video camera and didn't get "Happy Birthday" to share with you, but I hope you enjoy the others!


  1. He will be super jealous....i will show him this tonight.

  2. Looks like everyone had a fun time-sorry we couldn't be there-but happy to be in Maui! Thanks Bev for snuggling those little boys for me!
    Mom S

  3. My pleasure!! It was a great party, and those little boys are just awesome!

  4. What a fun day you all had! :)


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