Thursday, February 3, 2011

Braden's 1 Year Picture Teasers!

I've had pictures done enough now to know, that even if you think the photoshoot was HORRIBLE and no one smiled and everyone was cranky...the photographers are always good enough to get great shots anyway! So even after Braden's 1 year professional photoshoot on his birthday, I knew we'd still get great pics. He was CRANKY because he did NOT want to be told to sit still to have his picture taken. Poor guy - all he wanted to do was crawl and walk around everywhere but no one would let him! Anywho, here are 3 teasers that Katherine sent me, hopefully I will get the rest tomorrow, if not on Monday!
Love, love, LOVE so far! Especially the family portrait! It's my favorite out of the 3 we have by far! Can't wait to see the rest, hope you enjoy!

Also, just browse down below, I've updated the some posts with videos and what not! :)