Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Family of 5...for 5 Minutes!

Well, to our credit it was longer than 5 minutes, but we had 3 kids one morning. It was like having "twins" Braden 11.5 months and Trinity 9.5 months, and Danika almost 3. Danika had a sleepover with us on Wednesday night. I've wanted to try having her over, as a way to help out Joy with the twins. So we picked her up on Wednesday afternoon and she had her bags all packed since the morning and was very excited to come for a sleepover. We picked up pizza for supper, and Danika and Braden had a lot of fun playing and they had fun taking a bath together too!
Love the look on her face!

The sleepover went really good. Danika was asleep by 8:45PM after trying to pull a few on me that I remember used to doing to babysitters! The old "I'm hungry", "I'm thirsty", "one more story"...routine. I have no idea how she knows how to do this already? It must be instincts??? hehe Anyway, she was soooo good all night and well behaved and didn't make one mention of home or her mommy until I was lying down with her and she said quietly, "I want to go home...". So I looked at her all sad and said in a more quiet and more sad voice, " But I really want to have a sleep over with you!" Then that got her excited and she said "Let's have a pajama party!" And within 5 minutes of a little back rub, she was out like a light. She woke up and came to our room at 6:30, so I took her back to her room and told her it wasn't time to get up because the sun wasn't up yet. It actually worked and and she slept til 8:30! I read that little tip in my "SleepEasy" book once upon a time and I can't believe it worked! Definitely won't work in the summer, but I feel more so like getting up early in the summer when the sun truly is awake!

So then Trinity joined us at about the same time Danika woke up and we had pancakes for breakfast!
Mmmm!!! Chug-a-lug, I love my milk and pancakes!
I wanted to take a picture of Braden and his cousins, but...
He did NOT want to sit still and take a picture, he wanted to play! So, we did!
The kids were all well behaved, no one cried (except Braden briefly!), they played well together and it was a lot of fun. Here's a few other pictures I took last week...

Look how BIG Braden's hands are! He's gonna be a big guy, just like my late Grandpa Throndson! He learned to drink from a straw sippy cup in about 5 seconds!
And here he is "helping" Jay to baby-proof the Blu Ray cabinet. Later that day he would try to open it, grunt in frustration and let out a few cries and carry on with something else!
And, look how big. 11 months, 3 weeks...!
Well, that's about all the blog binging I have for tonight! I hope you enjoy catching up, sorry it's been so long. I've got a VERY busy week for us leading up to Braden's birthday, which is in FIVE DAYS!!! I am very excited for his party! :)

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  1. I can't believe Braden is about to turn 1!!!!!

    I remember when you said you were pregnant and I wished I was pregnant. The time flies! Wish we could come celebrate with you! :)


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