Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! 2010 in Pictures...

I did this post last year too, there's LOTS of pictures to see, so I hope it doesn't take too long to load on your computer. Here is our family's year in pictures... (P.S. There was 138 Flickr pages of pictures, 18 pictures/videos per page to browse through!)

This was New Year's Day last year, I finished the nursery...waiting for Braden to come!
Skiijoring with Kihei, middle of January:
Wow, we've come a long way. House in middle of January:
My due date, January 24th:
I could add all of them, but we'd be here forever...then the best thing of 2010 came into our lives!
First family picture:
Meeting Grandma via Skype in Maui:
2 days old, so awake...probably one of my fave pics of him still:
6 days old, another favorite pic:

Newborn pics at 9 days old, family portrait:
Another favorite:
First trip to Beaumont at 2 weeks old, met Godparents Natalie & Steve:
Almost one month old, 2010 Olypmics:
Tessa born on March 10th:
I will always remember this day, how he fell asleep doing tummy time. Had a 3 hr nap!
Cousin Trinity born on March 26:
Lisa & Tyler's wedding, April 3rd. He was SUCH an angel and STTN when we got home!
Middle of April:
Beginning of May, sofit and fascia were done:
Another fave, finally got a good smile on camera, almost 4 months old:
First time in the tractor, seeding with Jay:
Such a cute outfit from mom:
Jolly Jumping at 4 months, Kihei turns 2:
First family outing to the lake, beginning of June:
Sadly one of the few times we got to wakeboard:

Surprise! Joy is having twins!
Middle of June, first trip to the zoo!
End of June:
Started solids beginning of July, 5 months 1 week old:
Play time outside! Beginning of July
July 12th, tornado warnings and 2 huge hail storms!
Another favorite picture of him, 5.5 months old:
Day at the lake, end of July:
6 month pictures:
Love, love, love my boys! End of July:
August 1st, Jay's baptism and my affirmation of faith:
 Ben, Jess, and Mom came at the beginning of August:
Braden's dedication August 8:
My old Icey cat put down at the end of August:
Beginning of September, almost ready to move in!
Sophia born September 3rd:

Moved into our house September 16 and shortly after brought Zoey home, who left us way too soon:
Play date with Tessa:
First photoshoot in the new house with all the natural light:
Harvest pictures, end of September:
Beginning of October:
Started swimming lessons!
Mid October, harvest:
 Fave pic:
Beginning of November:
Mid November, gotta lower the crib!
Christmas tree goes up!
Hmmm....I don't know about this Santa fella, end of November:
End of November, loves crawling!
Celebrated Schultz Christmas, beginning of December:

12 days old:
Friends over for dinner before Christmas:
Christmas Eve:
And our infamous Christmas card picture!
2010 was an absolutely amazing year. The birth of our first baby, 3 cousins born for Braden in just over 10 months of him being born, numerous friends (mostly girlfriends!) born this year as well, we moved into our beautiful, new home, Kihei started not running away anymore, so many blessings! In 2011 we look forward to Ben & Jess's wedding in July where Braden will be the ring-bearer and celebrating Braden's first birthday to start. Have a wonderful 2011 everyone!