Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Braden Update

This blog is primarily about our favorite little man, so I figured I should update! We did get in to see the doctor today, and just like I figured - all is well! I'm just glad that I got the official word on that now. His lungs are clear and his cough should just disappear with time. Doc said his ears "by all means don't look perfect" which I took to interpret he probably had an ear infection and I didn't even know it, he said it looked like at one point he probably had some fluid in his ears. BUT the good news is that we don't have to treat with antibiotics unless he gets a fever! I wasn't crazy about him being on 3 rounds of antibiotics in 4 months, so hopefully he doesn't get febrile. He didn't wake up coughing this morning, he woke up TALKING!! :) And he wouldn't stop! It was the happiest we've seen him in a long long time! He still won't stay up longer than 2 hours in the AM which means we are still on a solid 2 naps/day...especially with this cough. I think he's grown a TON in the last couple of weeks too. Definitely is heavier to pick up and his shirts are fitting him better. Not his pants...18 month I have to roll up almost all of them (especially if he's not wearing socks) and 12 month are too small. Speaking of clothes, I also re-organized all his clothes and put away all his 12 month stuff. It's amazing how fast he's growing. He's walking pretty much everywhere now! Definitely "toddling" as he should be, and still lots of falls, but it's a good thing he has that big fluffy diaper butt to fall on!

One of his favorite new things are smoothies! Jay's had smoothie cravings lately and Braden looooooooves them! Here's a few pictures I snapped the other day, I had to strip him because he had smoothie drool all over himself, so he's chilling out in his Thirsties diaper cover.
He also LOVES to sit at his table on his chairs! He can climb up himself and everything!
And the dismount:
This pictures were pre-haircut #4. I let his hair grow a bit longer to see if any curls would appear in the back...but nope! Poker-straight hair like his Daddy!

He also likes to sit like this on his chairs:
And here's a picture from today, we went out to lunch in Strathmore and Braden had a great time flirting with the waitresses and it even earned him a scoop of mashed potatoes and gravy "on the house" as part of his lunch! Then he shared garlic bread, steak and sauteed mushrooms from my steak sandwich. He really likes mushrooms, much to my surprise!
Good thing I ended up re-organizing Braden's clothes, because this adorable shirt he's wearing (it's from Carter's and has a red guitar on it) was hiding in his 9 month clothing box! I went through Braden's stuff and picked out his one piece outfits for Joy's boys. Laura texted me today that Chaz was wearing one of Braden's 12 month ones! Unbelievable! Chaz is as big now at not even 4 months as Braden was at 6. He's quite a bit more husky than Braden, because Braden didn't fit into that outfit until he was 9 or 10 months old!

Well, I guess that's all for now! Still been really busy working, getting in as many hours as I can before seeding starts.