Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sick? Teething? Growing?

I am SO sick of over-analyzing Braden lately. I didn't end up taking him to his doc's appointment in Drumheller yesterday because we ended up taking Danika for a a sleepover, it snowed a bunch, and I didn't want to take "the boy who loves to sleep" for a 1.5 hour round-trip to Drum, plus wait time, plus exam time...for something I'm still not 100% sure about. I can't make up my mommy/nurse brain if he's truly sick (still coughing quite badly and a bit of a runny nose again this morning), if he's just teething (but we've thought that for 8 months now), or if he's sleeping so much, a bit fussy/sucky because he's growing. Maybe it's a combination of all 3? If we lived like 15 minutes away from our doc I'd have no problem taking him in...I've actually left a message for a family friend who is one of the docs in Strathmore's nurses...to see if she'll sneak us in this week. I talked to the ER doc last night about Braden's symptoms and he thought it sounded like bronchiolitis. He is definitely not a severe case, he definitely wouldn't need antibiotics if that is the case, it's a viral infection...he could maybe benefit from an inhaler if anything. I feel like "taking" a Ventolin from work...but I just can't!

I actually just got a phone call and we got in to see the doc in Strathmore tomorrow! I'm really happy that we will hopefully get this sorted out once and for all. Poor little guy just sounds awful in the morning. :(

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  1. Hi All: It is a tough call, one does not to be rushing to the MD when it is not necessary but then one worries they are missing something. I trust it will be something that is fixed with a simple remedy. Braden looks great in his pictures. Marjorie


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