Friday, March 18, 2011

Braden & Wyatt

My friend Andrea, whom I work with in Strathmore, was gracious enough to bring Wyatt over last evening to babysit Braden so I could go into Strathmore for a meeting while Jay was at the Flames game. Needless to say, Brade and Wyatt had a TON of fun playing together. Look at that picture, I can't get over the cuteness! Braden was pushing Wyatt around on his new truck and they both had so much fun.
Braden was pushing Wyatt around everywhere! Wyatt did gently roll off and didn't get hurt, and Braden kept on his way. I told him to never leave a man behind...but he didn't seem to get the concept! We got a nice little visit from Jay's Auntie Barb yesterday, it was really nice to see her but the visit was too short.

So Braden went down great for Andrea last night, she texted me while I was at my meeting and said he went down and fell fast asleep and that "your boy is perfect". While I tend to agree, I would just have to say that he's really easy going and very easy to put to bed because he loves to sleep! But he slept through the night and I'm glad that he was easy for Andrea last night. Andrea is the first non-family babysitter to put Braden down for the night so I'm glad it went well.

Braden loves sleep, as I say, so much so that he wasn't up for much more than an hour this morning and he was asking "please" to go back to bed. I think he's either really working on cutting some teeth or maybe his ears are bugging him or something? I don't know, so hard to tell with these little guys!