Thursday, March 31, 2011

Trinity's First Birthday

A happy belated blog post to our youngest niece, Trinity, who turned 1 on Saturday!
Trinity's 1st Birthday

She, by far, did the best at a first birthday of anyone we know! Braden was so mellow, quiet, and tired at his...had no interest in presents or cake really... But Trinity just really played up the part and had a great time. Was very sociable and even waved and said "bye bye" to us when we left! Here's some of my favorite pics from her party...
Trinity's 1st Birthday

New chair from Grandma & Papa - a big hit.
Trinity's 1st Birthday

Hey look who woke up from his nap and joined in on the celebration!
I love the huge smile on her face!
Ready for cake!
Singing happy birthday and clapping for Trinity!
Trinity's 1st Birthday

I love this "pirate" face! Just like when he was little!
A really nice pic of Mark & Trinity...
And one last pic of Luke

We had a wonderful time and look forward to celebrating Danika's 3rd birthday with her this Sunday. Aaaaaand, then of course there is my 28th birthday on Saturday, which I just want to celebrate with Jay! We're going to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and then to a movie while Jonny & Jaden Hamm babysit Braden! I'm so excited to go on a date and for Braden to have some fun with the Hamm boys!

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