Thursday, April 28, 2011

Braden is 15 Months Old!

So another 3 months have gone by...since he turned 1 year. I think with babies we seem to measure things in 3 month increments, seems to be little milestone ages for the first 2 years anyway. Braden got a lovely snowstorm on his 15 month birthday today. I took him to public health to weigh and measure him! Here's his new picture:
15 Months

14 Months Old

  • Weight: 23 lbs 3.5 oz
  • Height: 30 3/4"
  • Head: measure tomorrow!
So he's gained about 2 lbs in 3 months. I thought he would be closer to 25 lbs, he sure feels like it...but with walking/running everywhere and being sick for a week and not eating makes sense to me! He's just a little ball of energy and he sure has developed his personality even more. Here's our new Braden things:
  • he is SUCH a little sweetheart! He loves to give hugs and always has a smile and pet for the animals
  • he is learning very well how to share, and his new favorite thing is to sometimes pretend like he's going to share some food with us, but then take it away at the last second and eat it!
  • helping us to get him dressed. He'll hold out one arm, then the other and then one leg and the other when we're dressing him - I'm pretty impressed!
  • knows what "outside" means and gets VERY excited to go outside, we're working on going to find his shoes and jacket so he can go outside on the deck
  • has 2 upper molars now which means 8 teeth all together, only 2 on the bottom still!
  • enjoying going on walks with us and the dog, now that it's nicer outside (minus today)
  • saw some cows for the first time at Zak's farm and he LOVED them very much!
  • still nowhere near taking 1 nap a day, very much enjoys a morning nap and late afternoon nap. He can tolerate staying up longer in the afternoon, especially if we're out and about doing things, he's not as dependent on getting so much sleep anymore...I think he just does it because he likes it!
  • sleeping 12 hours, sometimes up to 13 a night still
  • wearing size 24 months/2T 2 piece pajamas (because of his big diaper butt, but they actually fit him nicely!)
  • still in 18 month clothes, can almost fit 24 month t-shirts and his 18m pants are allllllmost not dragging on the ground anymore!
  • he now knows about the pantry and where his snacks are kept, it's very quite cute!
  • we're starting to let him have snacks at his little table, trying to teach him to stay at the table is the hard part!
  • he loved everything at the park when I took him the other day
That's about all I can think of for now, but check back because I might add a few more. I'm not working much in May so Braden and I will be out and about exploring new things! Here's some pictures of the above-mentioned!
Enjoying a Snack

Enjoying a Snack


Looking at the above picture I'm thinking "there's the remote!!!" We are missing that remote for our Bell ExpressVu satellite...kind of our life-line form of entertainment here...and we can't find it ANYWHERE. I'm certain Braden's stashed it somewhere, but we have scoured this place up and down 3 times and it's nowhere to be found. Weird.




Whatta guy!

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