Friday, April 8, 2011

House Stuff

I've been REALLY bad at purposefully not wanting to take any new pictures of the house...because it's not "done" yet! I know more things that I want to do with the house, I've got pictures to hang, a new canvas print to put up, I've ordered a couple of new things for Braden's room and the main bathroom. So I've been avoiding sharing because I know it will keep changing...but, knowing me, it will always keep changing. I took some pictures of our bathroom which is far from being done...
Our Ensuite

I love our bathroom. I love the wall color, which I always get complimented on, I love the granite, the double sinks, the faucets, the simple, big mirror (Ikea) and my newest additions to the wall above the toilet:
Our Ensuite

(Just seeing this picture is REALLY bright...but I'm not re-editing, use your imagination!)
Our Ensuite

These are ceramic-ish plumeria flowers that I bought at the new Rosebud gift shop, and thanks to Laura for the idea to put them in our bathroom - I LOVE THEM!
Our Ensuite

We still have to get a custom glass door (which is big bucks) for our shower when we can afford it, and need to put back splash around the tub as that isn't finished. But I still love it!

I'll start taking more pictures as I get brave and feel like I'm ready to share. BUT here's a couple of items I purchased off of Etsy recently:
ADORABLE!!! It's the decals I purchased, not the change table. I'm going to put them up in Braden's room...and if I like how they look, I've got another monkey and a big tree that I might order. I am DEFINITELY going to do decals in baby #2's room. Here's the seller Smiley Wall's Art Studio shop on Etsy. I also ordered from her these 3 prints for Braden's bathroom:

I am LOVING this if we ever have a girl, I really like owl stuff for girls for some reason:
But that is way in the future for us! :)