Thursday, April 14, 2011

So thaaaaaat's what's been bothering him!

My little sweetheart. My guy who loves to sleep. Has not been napping in the afternoon well. I've been toying with and experimenting cutting him down to 1 nap a day. Not working, so I ditched that idea. He sleeps 2 hours in the morning (lately) but is having the darndest time settling for his afternoon nap. He didn't nap at all yesterday afternoon and was up 7 hours until bedtime - a VERY rare thing in our house. He was content in his crib for awhile, but then he'd get ticked off and just want to come out and play, so we went with it.

He has still been sleeping well at night, so I just summed it up to him trying to decide whether or not he was ready for 1 nap a day. WELL. Last night after being up for 7 hours I thought it would be a head-hit-the-pillow and out kind of night for him....yeahnotsomuch. He screamed, and screamed, and cried. I only let him do that for a minute because he NEVER does this anymore. I went in and he was just beside himself. I picked him up and started checking for teeth. Found out that not only did he cut the other tooth beside his other big tooth, but his poor upper right gums are raw from working on a molar!! :( Poor guy, it just looks awful. So a dose of Advil and some stories and about 20 minutes later he was good to go. I can't imagine the pain he's in. He has been chewing on his index finger on the right side for a long time now, and he finally has something to show for it. I brought Sophie the giraffe out of retirement, but he's not too keen on her anymore - sorry, Sophie!

Just thought I'd share, and here's a couple of pictures for your enjoyment...
Then & Now

A "Then & Now" pictures of him in his high chair - 5 months and 14.5 months - wow!
Another New Trick

Sometimes he can crawl in and out of the ottoman bench...he is quite proud!