Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another New Trick & Some Reminiscing

Uh Oh! Who's Climbing Now?

So how do you like that? This was after supper just before I was going to let him run around naked for a bit...good thing or this picture wouldn't have been taken! And then I set up this Little Tikes picnic table I picked up from Walmart today (which will live outside) and this is what he was doing this afternoon:
Uh Oh! Who's Climbing Now?

What, Mom? I'm not doing....anything! He's had his hands in his mouth since he was 6 weeks old and they haven't left for long. Just take a is from today working on molars:
Braden Lately

1 year pictures...
1 Year Pictures

Visiting Sophia, 11 months...
Braden and Sophia

Visiting GG at almost 8 months.
Great-Grandma & Braden

6.5 months with Marc-Andre
Braden & Marc-Andre

6 month pictures...
6 Months Old!

5 months munching on Jay's finger...
Luke's 2nd Birthday Party

4 months and a bit at the lake....
First Family Outing at the Lake

Almost 2 months...
Tummy Time

8 weeks with the Zak girls:
The Kids

And 6 weeks...this was a feeding cue though! :)
Awww wasn't that fun taking a little walk down hand-in-his-mouth memory lane!?

With all that said his top right molar has come through, not all of it but some and he's working on the upper left now. Poor guy, it just looks awful!

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  1. Ha! Ha! Those pics are most amusing!

    Not so sure about the crazy climbing though!! Make sure that picnic table isn't anywhere near the deck rail!! Eek!


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