Monday, May 30, 2011

Braden is 16 Months Old!

So I'm a day or two late, but we were having lots of fun in Edmonton so I couldn't do this post on his 16 month birthday!
16 Months Old

15 Months

Doesn't he look like he's grown a ton? I know he's kinda scrunched over from last month's picture, but he just looks SO much taller in his new picture! He just looks so grown up, such a little man!

So here's our new Braden stuff for month 16:
  • can open all of our doors now, but he's getting pretty good about learning not to do it
  • he is wearing 24 month onesies but STILL doesn't fit his 18 month pants! He fits Gap/Old Navy 12-18 month pants, so I bought him some Gap jeans in that size but I still had to roll them up!
  • he runs. Everywhere. Just like his cousin Luke, and he's getting a little jump in his step
  • getting really close on saying more words and said "tractor" for the first time yesterday! (video to follow)
  • rides like an angel in his car-seat which is now forward-facing. I had a lot of positive advice and support from everyone in making the decision to forward-face him vs. keeping him rear-facing for up to 2 years like I had originally planned. I chose sanity!
  • he loves the outdoors. He would be outside all day, every day if we let him.
  • loving all animals. He loves to get kisses from Kihei. She'll be lying on the floor and he'll crouch down to her mouth and she'll give him a kiss, they did this about 20 times in a row the other morning and I have a video of it to post later.
  • getting too busy to eat! If we have some finger foods like pizza or grilled cheese he's a pretty happy camper, but if we have to feed him a meal he gets very restless. But he does really well if we help him eat with utensils now - it's adorable and he's doing really well. We're also getting at the age where we'll have to be very picky and choosy about eating out with him, I just don't think it'll be worth the fight of him not wanting to be stuck in the restaurant high chair for up to an hour!
  • still sleeping 12 hours a night, before our trip when he wasn't feeling good he was back up to 14 hours!
  • will rarely do 1 nap a day, still pretty set on his 2 two hour naps a day, which is fine by me! Last week he did have an almost 4 hour morning/early afternoon nap but still needed a 1.5 hour nap in the afternoon, that was the day he started getting sick
  • has 6 teeth on the top and now 3 teeth on the bottom, 9 all together. I'm pretty sure he's going to get at least 1 bottom molar soon, it's pretty swollen.
That's about all I can think of for now. I'm not too busy with work (although that can change fast) the first couple of weeks in June so I'm trying to organize trips to Calaway Park with the family and to the zoo with whoever wants to come before school gets out and they both get really busy! I think Braden will REALLY love the zoo this year, I'm very excited to take him! Hopefully the weather holds out and we can have some nice sunny days to enjoy!