Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gone be the Rain!

So we had a wonderful weekend in Edmonton, I got to attend Jessica's bridal shower (it's almost 1 month away until the wedding!) and we visited with Huskas, GGT, Uncle Steve and the whole gang! Braden had lots of fun and was an angel on the ride there and back which gives me hope for our 8+ hour drive to BC! The reason why we all got to go to Edmonton was because we are rained out here. With about a day and a half's worth of seeding left, it rained for the last week here but the guys got back out in the field yesterday to finish the job.

Braden could see Jay seeding below the house and was saying "tra-cher! tra-cher! tra-cher!" (tractor) over and over!
He's gotten much better at saying it since I took that video on the weekend. He was absolutely ecstatic to ride on the tractor with daddy (even though he may not look like it!):

It's very hard to take pictures inside the cab!
Seeding 2011
It's so hard to take a good picture in the cab!

Seeding 2011

View from our deck of Jay seeding:
Seeding 2011

Then we were coming home from town and I could see the outfit on top of our hill, but didn't get a great picture of it! Darn!
Seeding 2011

So Jay is Braden's hero....everything is "tractor!" now and he's even said "dada tractor". He waves and smiles when Jay was seeding below our house, what a little farm boy!