Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Braden & Luke

Laura has been kind enough to babysit Braden so I can work a few shifts while Jay's busy working himself. Braden is getting old enough now to really start playing with Luke, and they really have a blast together! Braden loves to run and chase Luke, and I think Luke quite likes being chased! Luke has always been so gentle with Braden and really watches out for him. Mom got Braden this Little Tikes castle swing/slide set used off Kijiji and I set it up the other day. They LOVED it! (don't they look cute in their matching Old Navy vest/jackets?)


Braden can climb up it all by himself!


Then we ate a yummy BBQ pork chop supper and then the boys had a bath
Bath With Lukey

Bath With Lukey

Braden's lucky to have such an awesome auntie and cousin to spend time with!