Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Braden is 17 Months Old!

A day late, again, but I've been so busy it's just hard to care! I was up past midnight last night packing for this vacation and ordering family pictures on Sh here's the day late post!
17 Months
16 Months Old
Even if you don't see it, he's changing so much! He's gotta be taller, and so very much more active. New Braden things are:
  • Saying more and more words which include:
    • dada
    • mama
    • papa
    • grandma (gwa-ma or gamma)
    • tractor (tra-cher)
    • more (moa)
    • all done (da done!)
    • Taz
    • please (pssssss)
    • no
    • yes/yah
    • Yoda
    • bull dozer (bull doh)
  • he still signs but is starting to say the signing words now
  • run, run, run...did I mention he RUNS everywhere?
  • if there is trouble, he will find it
  • loves water still, enjoying the new water table we bought him
  • for teeth he JUST cut his left bottom molar today on our road trip, which gives him 6 upper and 4 lower for 10 total
  • sometimes he's just too busy to eat these days
  • starting to cry when Mommy or Daddy leave for work, so far it's for both of us...not just one-sided. He gets over it very quickly too!
  • he loves to be groomed, and don't think "metrosexual" or anything silly like that - Jay is a very well-groomed person also, but he loves to have his bath, have his nails clipped, and especially to brush his teeth!
  • he can climb up the steps in the main bathroom (I have a stepping stool for kids) and almost reach the faucet (loves to wash his hands)
  • he can climb a ladder....oops!
  • needs a haircut every month just about now
That's all I can think of for now, but if you check back I'm sure that I'll have thought of a few more items to add to the list when my brain isn't so fried!