Friday, June 3, 2011

Busy as a Bee

Well I've been keeping myself extremely busy lately. There's not much at work these days so I'm taking the opportunity to get stuff done around the house. I got out the other day during Braden's nap and spend about 1/2 hour picking a garbage bag full up of stuff from our house that all the lovely tradespeople (well, most of them) left behind. Then I opened the last crate from our builder and hauled out all of our window screens, hosed them off outside and then brought them inside and washed them all, along with the windows and window sills. It was quite the job, but it feels very good to have finally accomplished a task that has been nagging at me forever. Also nice to be able to crack a window open!

Then this AM I was downstairs all morning cleaning up all the mess that's been down there essentially since we moved in. Insulation, boxes, drywall pieces, cardboard, plastic wrap - you name it. Then I went over to the old house and cleaned out the deep freeze. I made 2 trips to the dump/recycling depot with a truck box FULL of stuff. Jerry was over yesterday and has taped and mudded a basement and our storage room downstairs. It will be SO NICE to have an extra bedroom downstairs so we can have more company, comfortably. As soon as Jerry is done sanding, I will get at it and start painting - there's always something to do around here! The theatre room is ready to be taped and mudded too I believe and as is the garage. Sorry, I gotta stop blogging about this - it's making me tired again!