Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Spider Monkey

In order to prevent a fall from happening or from making it easier for Braden to climb out of his crib, I decided it put it to the very lowest setting after his nap today. I didn't think I'd need to, but that extra 2" might really save a lot of grief in the future! His new thing is climbing. He stands on his kitchen table now, he can get onto the couches sometimes (they're actually quite tall) and when he does he stands on the table that's in between the couches which is at least 2' high! Even when I'm holding him, usually when I'm snuggling him before a nap or bed time, sometimes he crawls up me and stands up on my shoulders! He is SUCH a goof and I love him so much. Instead of using the big ol' trusty Canon today, I just used my iPod touch with the Instagram app for pics.

Here he is taking apart his froggy humidifier...learned to do this last week and it is no longer plugged in nor has water in it for said reason.

I hauled everything out of his crib, of course, so he thought it was "make Braden's room messy" time and proceeded to pull as many books off of his book shelf as possible.

While Mommy works, I shall play!

Crib reassembled and playing "peek"!

Hooray we're all done!

I can't believe the difference 2" makes! I also took out the bumper pad, because eventually he's just going to use it as a climbing mechanism and I think it's literally being held on by the last 5 of about 8 ties that it originally came with because he stands on it when he's awake. I hope he'll adjust where he sleeps cuz he's often so nice and cozy snuggled into the bumper pad. I truly intend to keep him in the crib as long as I possibly can, it's like a little prison. I know lots of my mommy friends who have babies around the same age as Braden are already moving them into toddler beds! I don't think there's anyway that Braden would stay in bed and go to sleep. He plays around in his crib (quietly) enough as it is. Took this adorable video today too, enjoy!


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  1. Adorable!! Need to see that little doll baby again very soon!! He's changing so fast!


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