Thursday, June 9, 2011

Video Updates

Haven't uploaded videos in awhile so let's do a video update. Braden is saying some new things now (or what sounds like new things!) He really likes to cheers or "chus" as he says:

And his new word that he repeats over and over is "papa"

Sorry, Grandma's. It's the same as when they're learning to say "dada" and "mama". It's always dada first!
He sure is getting to be a smart little boy, he's following directions better every day:
  • he shuts the doors behind him, he goes to his high chair, pantry, or fridge when he is hungry or thirsty
  • often when I ask him to "put that back" he knows exactly where it goes
  • he knows where his (and my) ears, nose, belly, toes are
  • he knows where his shoes and jacket are for going outside
Speaking of shoes...this AM he had his Crocs on playing outside and he came back inside with just one shoe on. I said, "Braden, where's your other shoe?" To which he promptly walked over to the rail of the deck, and sure enough the shoe had gone overboard! GENIUS!! haha

And here's a last video of a few weeks ago of Kihei giving Braden kisses. They probably did this about 20 times in a row - too cute!