Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hot Hot Heat

I don't get it. Braden LOVES the water. He's always loved his bath (ever since his umbilical stump fell off), he loves swimming, he loves the faucet, he loves water fountains...even splashing in toilet water! BUT he doesn't like a spray park or even the little kiddie pool I have on our deck for him!

If set free in the spray, he literally runs to the gate. Jay ran around with him for maybe 5 minutes, he did enjoy it when Jay helped him run around, but other than that. No interest. Zip. Zero. Zilch. I think he just gets very overwhelmed with the crowd, noise, and excitement that he'd just rather do his own thing. That's what's been hard about this summer with him. It's not even hard, hence the italics....it's just that all he wants to do is walk/run and explore things on his own. I guess we'll have to wait until next summer to do the water parks, spray parks, Calaway Park, etc. And that's okay!

It's been really hot here lately. It was 33 degrees but "felt like" 38 with the humidity yesterday. It felt like God put the blow dryer on! I sure couldn't live in a climate like this all the time, but it's nice to have the hot weather too. Braden's just been hanging out in his diaper in this weather (unless we leave the house!)
Cool dude!
One good thing about the heat is that it usually keeps the husky at bay! We dropped her off at the farm and she had her tongue hanging out as far as I'd ever seen it and she could barely walk back to the truck when we came to pick her up. We could tell that she had been running through the canola (yellow) with Taz though...
Hot doggy who clearly ran thru the #canola today! #husky
I went for a jog/run/walk this morning with Braden and I went WAY too late in the morning. It had already gotten too hot, it was a bad idea! Lesson learned....but at least I'm trying! Well, off to catch up on house work before it gets too hot to even think about it!