Monday, July 11, 2011

My Little BOY

I have often wondered, even before Braden came along, do we nurture little girls to like dollies, tea parties, and princesses and little boys to like trucks, tractors, and airplanes...or is it nature? Nature vs. nurture. Because my little boy, is a boy. To the core. Just like his big cousin Luke. He is all about the "vroom vroom". Anything with buttons, wheels, and anything with a motor - he's all over that. My nieces are all about Disney princesses and nephew and son are all about machinery. A coincidence? I'm leaning! I just can't see that if I provided Braden with only stereotypical female toys that he'd go for it. This is his new favorite thing...
Watching machinery videos on YouTube with Daddy
Watching "If I Were a Digger" videos on YouTube with Daddy.

Lately Jay has been using the big bucket tractor to do some landscaping at the front of our house (more on that later) and Braden just runs up and down the deck saying "Wow! Daddy! Vroom, vroom! Tra-cher!" It's awesome and it occupies so much of his time and keeps him very entertained. So, other than a couple of Curious George DVD's I bought for him for Easter that he doesn't have the attention span for, I bought him his first set of DVD's off Amazon that I think he'll love!
And after our road trip back home from BC...I think I might have to break down, buy a portable DVD player, and I know he'd most likely just love to watch these...even though he could also look out his window and see all these construction machines in person at times! This is the only thing Braden will sit still and watch so far. He has a liiiiittle interest in Elmo and Curious George, but nothing compares to heavy duty machinery so far! I hope he likes these, I'll keep you updated.

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  1. It is SOOO nature. My boys are all about the "vroom" & Livi is all about her "baby." Yes they do some crossover & Hayden is loving on a baby every now & again. And Livi drives trucks too. But for the most part they stick to their stereotypical boy/girl toys.


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