Thursday, July 14, 2011

NKOTBSB & Calgary Stampede

I had the best day yesterday!!! Went to the Stampede grounds with my good friend Carley yesterday afternoon, walked the midway...

Definitely made a stop at the beer gardens...

Ate really bad-for-you-but-oh-so-good exhibition food...

First corn dog..they look so gross, and kind of are!

I'm pretty sure you can deep fry anything... They had Oreos, Twinkies, Snickers, & Cheesecake

I always get an ice cold rootbeer, yum!

It's the Stampede...there's lots of cattle there...

Then there was this crazy bastard (pardon the language) that shot himself out of a canon...

And into the epic concert we go...

Children of the '90s...yes...those are snap bracelets. and yes I was tempted...

So excited!
I apologize for the sub-par pics...but concert pics never turn out unless you're on the floor anyway.
Joey from NKOTB was my favorite when I was in elementary school...and he was closet to us *sigh*
Nananananana TONIGHT!

The highlight for me was seeing NKOTB vs. BSB for sure. I liked NKOTB when I was in grade 1. Grade 1 people. That's 22 years ago - 1989!!
So then come BSB. We knew something was going to happen in our aisle (we had aisle seats) because there were ropes and security everywhere. Well.....after an NKOTB set Howie and AJ came down the aisle and yes they shook my hands and yes I got giddy like a school girl!
Howie & AJ
Here is my favorite childhood song, Step by Step definitely NKOTB's most famous song...the best part!

And the very end...

Oh, don't worry...I didn't leave BSB fave song "I Want it That Way" (Natalie, it reminds me of your brother!!!)

End of the show....confetti everywhere!
Final songs sung together

It was sooooo much fun! Honestly it's probably the best concert I've ever been to and it was so neat to see the 2 bands together! Thanks for coming with me, Carley...Jay should thank you too because he would have been there if not you!

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  1. Ahhhh, loved reading this post. A little blast into the past :) And Yes Denis still sings that song.


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