Sunday, July 31, 2011

We're Melting!!!

I'm melting. It's been hot all day, but there's been a coolish breeze and it's seemed very tolerable...until now. 4PM is the "witching hour" at our house. Usually Braden is getting antsy for supper, starts getting whiny, and we are trying to get ready for supper and entertain him so he doesn't have a melt down (speaking of melting). But, back to the heat...the sun hits the west side of our house around 4 too and it just cooks in here. God bless the air conditioner! It will definitely be on tonight. This is the forecast for the week and there's no way it's only 29 right now, it's always a few degrees warmer here than in Strathmore and it feels like +80% humidity, not just 30%!
To help Braden cool off he's been living in his diapers and/or hanging out naked with a good, thick layer of SPF 60 sunscreen on with a hat! I also bought him a hard little pool and I'm so happy to say he loved it. I would have bought the little big bigger one with a built in slide...but it was too big for my Escape!
Enjoying The Pool!
Hot dog and a cool baby... Speaking of dog, when she's outside now we yell for her to come in:

[for those of you who don't know it's pronounced "key hay"]

So now Braden yells with us:

[it's a little adorable on a big level!]
Hot dog and a cool baby!
Along with the heat and humidity came a brief thunderstorm on Friday evening which, thankfully, only resulted in 5 minutes of hard rain and no hail.
Thunderstorm brewing?
More Scary Clouds
More Scary Clouds
And when we have such weather, I bake...

And something completely and totally random...I love my new manicure I gave myself! A frosty yellow base with Opi crackle blue! I LOVE it but next time I'll go with a more bold base in white or black.
Awesome new nail polish!