Sunday, August 28, 2011

Braden is 19 Months Old!

Usually I say something along the lines of "I can't believe he's 'x' months old!"...but this month I can believe it! For some reason, probably because I've been so busy working, the last month has crawled by. I believe he's 19 months! Not really a milestone month, per se, anyway. Here's the new pic (he had to have his "toe toe" [see explanation below] stickers with him this month!)
19 Months Old
18 Months Old

New Braden things: (which I should write down as the month goes because I know I forget a ton!)
  • can climb onto everything. The kitchen table. The couches. The chairs. The kitchen island (which is scary)
  • loves to read (see previous post) and definitely has a preference as to what
  • he has all 4 molars, needs all 4 eye teeth and the 4th front bottom tooth (5 to go!)
  • fingers in mouth all the time still and lots of drooling
  • I packed away all his 18 month clothes (sniff sniff) except for a few pants because his legs are still short
  • bought a fall and winter wardrobe for Braden at Gap on a 40% off everything sale - SCORE! I bought all 2T with a few 18-24m items that looked monstrous
  • we are still a solid 1 nap a day, usually from 12-2. Mommy really wishes it was a 3+ hour nap...but no such luck! He used to take two 2 hour naps :(
  • sleeping from about 7PM-7AM, sometimes he'll pull a 13 hour night, but we usually get him up around 7:30 as of late (I am still not a morning person!)
  • New words:
    • loader
    • puppy
    • yucky
    • stinky ('tinky)
    • kitty (also "mow mow" not "moe" but "mow")
    • outside
    • toes
    • shoe (chew)
    • soother (soosa)
    • teeth (tee)
    • tub time!
    • towel time! ~ after he gets out of the tub, sounds like "tow-tie!"
    • no, no, no - don't touch that! ~ sounds like "no no no doh tuh dat!" too cute!
    • let's go!
    • And the best one yet - BRADEN! He can say his name! After his bath, on his change table he plays peek-a-boo under his blankie and we say "where's Braden?" so how he says "bay-din" or "bee-din" when we play that game!
  • he could live outside if we let him. He's so happy and runs and runs and plays and plays. We'll be so sad when the cold weather comes
  • loves to brush his teeth still, requests to do it multiple times a day, he will open up and say "ahhhh" so I can clean them well and then he finishes
  • is a good helper getting dressed, he knows to put his arms through the arm holes and legs through the leg holes but obviously needs help with the rest
  • starting to show more interest in TV which I don't really care about one way or the other or encourage or discourage
  • starting to love "Thomas the Train" and calls him "toe toe" and still loves "Curious George" and calls him "joe joe"
  • one of the cutest things is he "sings" along to "Head, Shoulders, Knees, & Toes" and points to his head and toes - awww!
  •  I don't want to hurt feelings here, but other than mommy and daddy his two favorite people are Gram (my mom) and Papa (Jay's dad). He just has such a special bond with the two, but he clearly and obviously loves his other Grandma and other Grampa very much just can't deny the connection!
So now mama's done all this busy working business so we have trips to Edmonton planned the next 2 weekends! The first to meet some more of my Mom's family from the States and to celebrate Sophia's 1st birthday and then for the Autism Walk the next weekend.

Here is the runner-up from the pictures I chose to be the 19 month, it was a tough battle, but I just couldn't resist that smile in the first, even though the sticker is on its way into his was just so Braden!
19 Months Old


  1. Happy 19 months! He looks so big {and happy} in these shots.

  2. I was going to say you must be spending a lot of time outside, he looks more tan this month! Any tips on how to get your kid to enjoy tooth brushing. We used to... now its a huge battle!!

  3. Hello! Stopping by from Baby Shmizz, and I'm your newest follower! Your son is adorable!!! And you have to tell me where you got that giraffe, Jack is obsessed with giraffes and I buy him every one that I can find (or is it me that is obsessed with giraffes???...)

    Thanks for following me!

  4. He also says "chew" for shoe, and "tub time".

  5. New words added, thanks, Mom....he kept saying "teeth" last night before bed so that triggered my memory too! Thanks for the comments!

  6. Oh, for the teeth-brushing thing...I don't know! He's "obsessed" with brushing his teeth and I've been getting him to really practice his "ahhhhh" open up wide and show mommy your teeth and he lets me brush them really well. The thing that always works well with Braden is to make a big stinking deal about it. "You opened up your mouth to show mommy all your teeth?! Wow! GOOD JOB BRADEN YAY!!!!" and clap and praise and smile! Then he's always willing to please.


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