Monday, August 22, 2011

Eating Update

As Murphy's Law would have it, back when I was complaining the other day about Braden's lack of eating, he turned right around and is eating like a little horse again. (I should complain about stuff more often so that Murphy and his law would do their thang!) I do agree with my friend Katie, and think that Braden's eye teeth might be the culprit. In the teething department he needs all 4 eye teeth and the 4th bottom tooth on the front...if that makes sense. Whenever Braden slows down with his eating, it's always because of an illness or that he's just not feeling well. As for the "getting into trouble" part of that post...well, we're working on that!

Anywho, I might be a lame blogger for the next few days while I enjoy time with my family and friends in Edmonton. So I apologize for the possible lack of posts but certainly don't apologize for spending quality time with my loved ones! (I knew you'd understand!)

The only picture I have to share is my little man going to town on his corn from our BBQ the other day, absolutely loving food again!
Nom nom corm!

Also, Tuesday is approaching and thus my favorite blog hop! Thanks Growing Up Geeky & Our Growing Garden for this wonderful opportunity to share my blog with other mamas and meet them and learn from their blogs too!



  1. The picture of Braden eating the corn is adorable! Glad he's got his eatin groove back. :)

    Found you on TAT! Following you!

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  3. Love that picture! Following you from the TAT blog hop.


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