Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Crazy Jumping Bean!

This kid is such a goof. I've said it time and time again! This is how he wakes up from naps quite often now so I just had to share! Have a wonderful Sunday, me and Braden are off to Edmonton on tomorrow for a few days so I'll try to find something to blog about, but I usually take internet breaks when I'm at Mom & Dad's so no promises! :)



  1. I love how he does that. He's always so happy after a snooze! I just don't like it when he bounces on his bum!!! Icky!

  2. Hilarious! Elliot hasn't started jumping yet, instead he just stands up and squeals.

  3. LOL!!! This has been Thad lately! I totally need to capture this.

    I got your comment, thanks so much for the follow and for adding my link to your page -- too sweet! I've actually been to your page before and thought I already followed you. Love the blog - too cute!


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